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Alpaca shearing time in Montana has become very iconic for us. In case you loved this short article and you would love to receive much more information relating to generously visit our internet site. Shearing season marks the start of summer. Our alpacas have braved the long winter months right here in the northern rocky mountains regularly growing their tremendous high quality fiber protecting them warm from the bitter cold. Right here at our small alpaca ranch in Bozeman, Montana its not uncommon for the winter months of November, December and January for the temperatures to be under zero for days on end. I at all times surprise, will colder climates produce finer and more dense alpaca fiber? Evolution and adaptation have a means about them. One of the things I’ve realized through the years of owning alpacas, it’s vital to know what to do withall of my fiber. Understanding what I would like in the end will assist me at first. Many instances I discover we all do a great job of getting the fleece off the animal into luggage only to deal with it later.

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